Baked pasta with sweet-sour balsamic-quince-dip


150g of wide pasta (Pappardelle)
80g Quince Jelly Extra
20ml white balsamic vinegar



1. Cook pasta al dente in plenty of saltwater, quench with cold water and let dry for ca. 15 minutes on a baking rack. For the dip: slowly heat up Annes Feinste Organic Quince Jelly Extra until liquid mix with balsamic and add a pinch of salt. If one likes it hot add a quarter of chilli pod finely chopped.

2. Deep fry pasta for 1,5 minutes in oil at 140°C until cross. Let them drip off on a paper towel and add a pinch of salt. Serve with dip.

Preparation time: ca. 30 minutes



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