Maintal Konfitüren - a particular passion for fruit

Rosehip, apricot, cherry, elderberry, quince and many other popular fruits have played the starring role in our family business since 1886.

Quality at the highest level

For a home-made taste

We have been producing high-quality jams, jellies, marmalades and fruit spreads since 1886. For us, taste and quality go hand in hand. That’s why we place particular importance on the high quality of all raw materials and on a gentle production process – for products that taste home-made.

High-quality ingredients

We love fruit ... and only the best goes into our jars

Fruits are precious gifts from nature. Maintal creates gourmet fruit products using carefully selected ingredients of the very highest quality. We capture the flavour of summer and bring it to your breakfast table!

The ingredients for our jams come from more than 20 countries. They grow where the temperature, moisture, sunlight and soil provide the best conditions.

Our Maintal fruit experts have fostered relationships with our suppliers over many years – to ensure that only the best goes into the jar.

Tradition and craftmanship

Since 1886, we have been passing our experience on from one generation to the next. As a result, we can not only safeguard traditional recipes, we can continue to refine them or develop new flavours.

Five days a week, our Bavarian jam factory cooks, bottles, packs and dispatches jams, marmalades, jellies and fruit spreads to highest quality standards. There, the many hands in our production team are dedicated to preparing your favourite fruit spread.

We take particular care to ensure that the processes are gentle. Low temperatures, short-term heating and small cooking batches in the vacuum kettle guarantee best quality and maximum fruit enjoyment.

From the fruit to our breakfast table

Maintal quality - multiple certificates, multiple awards

Nothing is more convincing than good quality. We therefore deploy numerous measures to ensure the high quality of the Maintal products and have received numerous certificates and awards from independent inspection bodies.



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