Our responsibility

Environmetal Sustainbility

A sustainable path to the future

Human beings need an intact environment in order to survive. In order to protect nature and the climate we record all our emissions to then to continuously reduce and avoid them.

Nachhaltigkeit Weitblick

Commitment with foresight

Environmental protection has been our striving at Maintal Konfitüren for many years. A sustainable use of natural resources and preserving a functioning ecosystem are our top-most company goals.

We are convinced that timely investments in this area pay off in the long term, and we continuously strive to improve production methods, products, packaging and logistics.

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Nachhaltigkeit Ökonomie

Economic sustainability

All our efforts are focused on preserving our family business for the 5th generation.

Our aim is to achieve healthy, economic growth here at our company headquarters in Haßfurt, Lower Franconia, while taking account of social and environmental factors.

Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung

Social responsibility

As Maintal - the company - we see ourselves as a member of society and make our contribution with respect to our employees and the wider community.  

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Company address: Industriestr. 11, 97437 Hassfurt
Tel.: +49 (0)9521 9495-0
Fax: +49 (0)9521 9495-960
E-Mail: export@maintal-konfitueren.de


Export Manager

Martina Dütsch-Cerbone
Tel.: +49 (0)9521 9495-311
Fax: +49 (0)9521 9495-960
E-Mail: duetsch-cerbone@maintal-konfitueren.de


Sales-Assistant Export

Sonja Käb
Tel.: +49 (0)9521 9495-312
Fax: +49 (0)9521 9495-960
E-Mail: kaeb@maintal-konfitueren.de

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