Our responsibility

Maintal is an independent family business with a tradition stretching back more than 130 years. We don’t think in three-month blocks, we think in generations. We are convinced that economic, environmental and social factors must always be in harmony.

Environmetal Sustainbility

A sustainable path to the future – responsibility personified

Human beings need an intact environment in order to survive. Our commitment therefore goes far beyond just our wide range of organic products.



Commitment with foresight

Environmental protection has been writ large at Maintal Konfitüren for many years.  A sustainable use of natural resources and preserving a functioning ecosystem are our top-most company goals.

We are convinced that timely investments in this area pay off in the long term, and we continuously strive to improve production methods, products, packaging and logistics.


> Our sustainability goals

Our energy concept

In 2014, the Maintal energy concept was completely updated and a microgas system and a new steam boiler were installed, which function on the principle of combined heat and power.

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Sustainability can’t be achieved in isolation

Sustainable management and conduct plays an important role at Maintal. In addition to implementing many internal measures, Maintal Konfitüren works on sustainability-related topics on a cross-company basis as a partner to various organisations.

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German Sustainability Code

With the German Sustainability Code, the “Council for Sustainable Development” created a framework with 20 criteria to support reporting on companies’ sustainability measures. The Maintal sustainability report was drawn up on the basis of these criteria.

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Economic sustainability

All our efforts are focused on preserving our family business for the 5th generation.

Our aim is to achieve healthy, economic growth here at our company headquarters in Haßfurt, Lower Franconia, while taking account of social and environmental factors.


Social responsibility

As Maintal - the company - we see ourselves as a member of society and make our contribution with respect to our employees and the wider community.  




Maintal as an employer

As a multiple award-winner in the social sphere, Maintal Konfitüren is an attractive employer in the region when it comes to family friendliness.



Maintal trainees on a social mission

Social competence and personal development are matters close to managing director Anne Feulner's heart. It has therefore been a long tradition at Maintal that trainees go to work in charity institutions a number of times each year as part of the company’s internal “Azubi sozial” (social trainee) programme.



The weak need a strong helping hand

With regular donations of goods and money, we support many social organisations, such as the Tafeln (similar to foodbanks), the Lebenshilfe organisation helping people with mental disabilities, Plan child sponsorships, Unicef much more.



Sport sponsoring

Sport brings people together, breaks down barriers and promotes respect and tolerance. Maintal is therefore also active in the area of sport sponsoring, e.g. supporting young players at Brose Baskets, Bamberg or open water swimmer Thomas Lurz’s sport foundation.


Maintal code of conduct

Maintal Konfitüren has set guidelines for itself that go beyond what is required by law. Topics include human rights and social responsibility, fair working conditions, integrity and so on.Maintal Konfitüren hat sich selbst Leitlinien gesetzt, die über gesetzliche Vorgaben hinausgehen. 

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Company address: Industriestr. 11, 97437 Hassfurt
Tel.: +49 (0)9521 9495-0
Fax: +49 (0)9521 9495-30
E-Mail: export@maintal-konfitueren.de


Export Manager

Martina Dütsch-Cerbone
Tel.: +49 (0)9521 9495-31
Fax: +49 (0)9521 9495-43
E-Mail: duetsch-cerbone@maintal-konfitueren.de


Sales-Assistant Export

Sonja Käb
Tel.: +49 (0)9521 9495-11
Fax: +49 (0)9521 9495-30
E-Mail: kaeb@maintal-konfitueren.de

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