Goatcheese-Crostinis "Au Gratin"

Ingredients ()

12 slices of Ciabatta bread
6 small goat cheese each 40g
2 tbsp. of Strawberry Preserve extra
2 tsp. of Apple Jelly Extra
2 tsp. of Apricot Preserve extra
50g pine nuts



1. Toast the bread slices from both sides, cut the cheese lengthwise in half and put them on the warm bread. Spread and top four slices each with Annes Feinste Organic Strawberry Preserve extra, Annes Feinste Apple Jelly Extra, and Annes Feinste Organic Apricot Preserve extra.

2. Roast with upper heat only for one minute.

3. Roast pine nuts in pan and sprinkle over the crostinis. Garnish with fresh fruit if desired.

Preparation time: ca. 15 minutes


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