Fruit Tiramisu

Ingredients ()

500 g Mascarpone
1 sachet of Vanilla sugar
500 g Fruits (e.g. strawberries)
50 g Strawberry Preserve Extra
20 g Sugar
1 dash lemon squash
Fruits for decoration
200 g Ladyfingers
Cacao powder



1. Leave some fruits aside for decoration.

2. Wash the rest of the fruits, chop it and sugar it a little. Add water, a dash lemon squash so that you get some fruit juice. Now mash everything and sift it.

3. Mix mascarpone, vanilla sugar, jam and a part of the fruit mixture and season it.

4. Now take a baking dish and spread a little of the mixture in it. Then pile up with ladyfingers and fruit mixture.

5. Subsequently pile it up with more mascarpone mixture and ladyfingers until the ingredients are used up. Finally dredge it with cacao powder, put fruits on it and keep it cold (preferably over night).


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