Organic Plum Butter, strained

Extremely spreadable
This plum butter is particularly smooth. It contains the full flavour of sun-ripened fruit, but without the peel. As a result, it is very easy to spread, and works particularly well in cooked desserts and baked goods. We use only organically produced fruit.

Our Organic Plum Butter, strained, is so versatile:
A topping for bread that all the family can enjoy, a key ingredient in Bohemian and Austrian cuisine, especially as a filling for sweet dumplings and pancakes.




Ingredients :

Plums*, raw cane sugar*, spices* (cinnamon, cloves, anis, star-anis)
*only from controlled organic agriculture

Prepared with 140 g fruit per 100 g

Filling weight: 3 kg


100 g contain on average :
energy value 840 kJ / 198 kcal
fat < 0,5 g
saturated fatty acids < 0,1 g
carbohydrates 46,0 g
Thereof sugar 46,0 g
protein 0,8 g
salt 0,03 g


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