Red apple cabbage

Ingredients ()

3 tbsp. goose fat
2 onions
1 large head or 2 small heads of red cabbage (ca. 1-1,2 kg)
250ml red wine
40ml vinegar
150ml apple juice
5 slashed tbsp. sugar
5 slashed tbsp. salt
1 slashed tbsp. pepper
1 knife tip of ground cloves
2 apples
200g Apple Jelly Extra



1. Clean onions, cut through the root and slice. Wash cabbage, take off outer leaves, cut through stem, quarter them, and take stem out.

2. Heat goose fat in a wide pot, steam onions glassy. In the meantime cut red cabbage into 2mm wide strips. Add red cabbage to the onions and steam. Pour in vinegar, red wine, and apple juice and let simmer at medium heat. Season with salt, pepper, sugar and cloves then add Annes Feinste Organic Winter Apple with Cinnamon & Vanilla reserve Extra and Annes Feinste Organic Apple Jelly Extra and stir.

3. After approx. 45 minutes peel and halve apples, quarter them, and take the core out. Cut into slices and add to the red cabbage. Let red cabbage simmer for further 30 minutes until it has reached the desired consistence.

Preparation time: ca. 1 1/2 hours


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