Filet of the codfish with rosehip sauce

Ingredients ()

4 filets of the codfish à 200 g
1 apple, sourly
1 mellow quince
50 g dried plums
2 tablespoons Organic Rosehip Preserve
10 cl white whine
30 ml cream
30 g butter
½ lemon
Salt, fresh milled pepper


1. Quarter the apple and the quince, half the plum. Meld the butter in a pan, roast the quince and the apple golden and finally add the plums.

2. Deglaze it with lemon juice and remove the fruits. Boil down white whine, preserve and the cream. Season it with some salt and pepper.

3. Clean the filets, score the skin side, salt it and marinate it with lemon juice. Heat a second pan and sear the four filets on the skin side. When the skin of the filets is golden, turn it and roast it gently. The frying time takes about 6-8 minutes, according to the thickness of the fish.

Serve it together with the fruits. Bouillon potatoes or potato-pumpkin-puree go excellent with it.

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