Sustainability can’t be achieved in isolation

Sustainable management and conduct plays an important role at Maintal. In addition to implementing many internal measures, Maintal Konfitüren works on sustainability-related topics on a cross-company basis as a partner to various organisations. For example, we are involved with AöL, Umweltpakt Bayern and various initiatives.





AöL (association of organic food producers)

AöL is an association of organic food producers. Since 2002, its members have been working to promote organic, human-appropriate and future-oriented foodstuffs. AöL is committed to developing European law, promoting an awareness for food and increasing the process quality of organic foods. It is the political representation within Germany and in relation to the EU. 

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Bavarian environmental pact

Umweltpakt Bayern (Bavarian environmental pact) is an agreement between the State Government of Bavaria and Bavarian businesses for cooperative environmental protection. It honours voluntary commitments by Bavarian companies to corporate environmental protection and sustainable management.


Maintal continuously works to reduce resource consumption, avoid wastage and waste water and reduce CO2 emissions. Maintal Konfitüren has been part of Umweltpakt Bayern since 2012.

Sustainability working group

The Sustainability working group is a working group within the AöL framework and consists of around 8-10 member companies. The aim is to share experiences so that the concept of sustainability can be developed further in the companies. The members are also concerned with a number of issues relating to sustainability, such as social standards in the supply chain, the environmental footprint of products and companies, sustainability reporting and much more. They meet twice a year at the member companies.


Our head of operations Christian Hastedt is the spokesman in this working group and is thus the link between the working group and the AöL board.

“Clever einkaufen und essen” initiative

We support the “Clever einkaufen und essen” (shop smart and eat smart) initiative against food waste.

11 million tons of food end up in Germany’s dustbins every year. Per person, that’s around 82 kg or an estimated 235 euros. This was revealed by a study, published in 2012, by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

Fresh fruit and vegetables frequently end up as waste. German consumers throw away around 35 kg of fruit and vegetables per person per year. It is easy to reduce this huge volume by making just a few changes to shopping and eating habits. The “Clever einkaufen & essen” initiative against food waste offers numerous tips and tricks to prevent food waste in day-to-day life.

We support the initiative against food waste - do you?




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