Code of Conduct for all employees and business partners of Maintal Konfitüren GmbH

Foreword to the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a set of rules and regulations that we have put in place ourselves and which goes beyond the statutory requirements. In this way we make the current legislation and provisions, as well as the mission statements of Maintal Konfitüren GmbH, the benchmark for all those involved in the business process. This Code of Conduct is based in the principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The aspect of sustainability also plays an important role.



Content of the Code of Conduct

Compliance with the laws and regulations
We pledge to comply with all the laws and provisions that are in place in our country. Legal bans and obligations are adhered with, even if this means temporary disadvantages for our business. This applies in equal measure to both domestic as well as international business partners of Maintal Konfitüren GmbH.


Human Rights and Social Responsibility
We pledge at all times to comply with the human rights as they are set down in the United Nations Universal Declara-tion of Human Rights. The goal is to prevent or to remove any form of discrimination on the grounds of skin colour, ethnic origin, sex, religion or ideology, a disability, age or sexual identity.


Ban on Forced or Child Labour
We ensure that forced labour or child labour carried out by those under the age of 15 years old will not be tolerated or used. The provisions of the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) (please see Convention 138), the provisions of the United Nations (please see Convention on the Rights of the Child) and the provisions of the re-spective national legislation (in Germany: Young Persons Employment Act) shall apply. Principally the standard with the most stringent requirements is to be applied.


Fair Working Conditions
We provide our employees with fair and safe working conditions and we also demand that our suppliers do the same for their employees. This also includes the freedom to choose one’s profession, equal treatment, fair pay and the right to form trade unions and become a trade union member without any influence from the company. The maximum permissible number of working hours per week as laid down in the legislation of the respective country is to be complied with. At least the legal minimum wage must be paid for work done. Illegal or unauthorised deductions from wages are not allowed.


Health and Safety in the Work Place
We ensure safety in the work place to maintain and promote the health of our employees. To avoid potential accidents and physical injury, preventive measures are also taken. We also require this of our suppliers. This includes the regu-lar training on work safety and social facilities that guarantee hygiene standards.



Social Services
The action taken is done so on the basis of long-term cooperative partnership. The training and further training of em-ployees is an important aspect in the continued development of the company. The appreciative interaction among staff members and also with customers and suppliers is fostered. Private and family circumstances are taken into considera-tion - as far as this is possible.


Business processes are designed to be sustainable through resource-saving working methods and industrial environ-mental protection in order to preserve the natural environment for the following generations. The production of organic products is promoted in order to minimise the amount of pollutants that get into the ground, air and water. All employ-ees are instructed to act in a manner that is environmentally sound with respect to the use of resources.


We pledge to always pursue sustainable, long-term economic revenues to the furthest extent possible and to protect against economic resources from exploitation.


A Culture of Integrity and Communication
Decisions affecting the company may not be influenced by private interests or personal relationships. Conflicts need to be avoided and clarified. All provisions and bans in relation to corruption, bribery, fraud and extortion are to be complied with. The basic princi-ple of fair competition furthermore applies.


Product Quality and Product Safety
To maintain and further develop the excellent product quality, we pledge to constantly comply with all quality-related provisions. The self-evident prerequisite in our opinion is product safety. All production processes are executed in compliance with the statutory provisions, the product-specific requirements and the valid hygiene standards and are optimised thanks to the quality controls that are carried out on a constant basis.


Compliance with the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies for all employees of Maintal Konfitüren GmbH. It is furthermore presented to all participants along the value-added chain. These ensure the compliance with and the work on the codex. Maintal is entitled to carry out inspections to ensure this and to demand the presentation of docu-mentation. Each supplier names a person who will be responsible for the compliance and implementation of the Code of Conduct and functions as a contact person during inspections. This person is furthermore responsible for passing on the codex to sub-suppliers, subcontractors, employees and other parties involved in the value-added chain. Conscious non-compliance and infringement of the guidelines of the Code of Conduct will result in consequences.



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