Pickled salmon with orange-dill-sauce

Ingredients ()

600g fresh salmon
3 tbsp. salt
3 tbsp. sugar
4 juniper berries
70g Annes Feinste Organic Orange Marmalade
50g mustard, medium hot
175ml salad oil
1/2 bunch of dill



1. To prepare the orange-dill-sauce blend Annes Feinste Organic Orange Marmalade with the mustard. Slowly add oil and keep blending (like you prepare mayonnaise). Pluck dill of the stems and cut into 3-4mm strips. Stir in. Chill until serving.

2. Wash salmon, pluck bones and cut off fat. Chop up dill stems and juniper berries and mix with salt and sugar. Place salmon with the skin down onto a rack with a high rim. Spread marinade evenly on the salmon. Chill salmon 12 hours for each cm of thickness (approx. 24 hours for a one kilogram per salmon side). Rinse of marinade, dab dry and spice with some cilantro seeds. Slice open thin against the meat grain and serve with orange-dill-sauce.

Preparation time: ca. 55 minutes plus 24 hours marinating the salmon


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