Sweet ravioli with raspberry fruit spread, white chocolate and pistachios

Ingredients (for 20 sweet ravioli)

350g spelt flour
2 eggs
50g butter
50ml almond milk
30g coconut flower sugar (or brown sugar)
1 tbs vanille paste
1 pinch of salt
150g Maintal rosehip fruit spread* with 50% less sugar
50g white chocolate
25g chopped pistachios
1 egg
15g icing sugar


1. First, knead 350g spelt flour, 2 eggs, 50g butter, 50ml almond milk, 30g coconut blossom sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla paste and a pinch of salt together into a smooth dough. Wrap in cling film or waxed cloth and leave to stand for 30 minutes at room temperature..
2. During this time, separate an egg and stir both the egg whites and the egg yolk with a tbsp. of water each until smooth.
3. Also, chop or grate 50g white chocolate into fine pieces.
4. Then lay out a tray with baking paper and preheat the oven to 175 °C upper and lower heat.
5. Then roll out the dough thinly on the flour-covered work surface, approx. 1mm thick.
6. Then cut out approx. 22 circles with a glass, diameter approx. 10cm.
7. Then dab the edge of a circle with a bit of egg white-water mixture (finger is better for this than brush).
8. Now put a tsp. of Maintal raspberry fruit spread with 50% less sugar in the middle, also a pinch of chopped white chocolate and chopped pistachios.
9. Then fold the circle together in the middle and press the edges moistened with egg whites firmly against each other.
10. Then seal the edge well with a floured fork and place the sweet ravioli on the tray with baking paper.
11. Do the same with the other circles until the dough is used up.
12. Finally, paint all the sweet ravioli with the egg yolk-water mixture and bake for approx. 25 minutes at 175 °C upper and lower heat.
13. Immediately sprinkle the finished sweet ravioli with powdered sugar and serve once they have cooled down.

TIPP: The filling of the sweet ravioli can also easily be varied. The Maintal range with 50% less sugar* also includes other varieties such as sour cherry, strawberry, apricot and rosehip. Sour cherry could be combined well with almonds and dark chocolate, apricots with poppy seeds and marzipan and strawberries with desiccated coconut and sweetened condensed milk from the tube. Rosehip also goes well with poppy seeds.

A recipe idea of blogger Vera - Nicest Things - Food, Interior, DIY

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