50 % less sugar – lots of taste

You like it less sweet. You attach importance to a sugar-reduced diet. Then our fruit spreads "50 % less sugar*" are just right for you. The secret: they are sweetened exclusively with apple sweetener, thus containing 50 % less sugar compared to Maintal jams extra of the same variety and taste wonderfully fruity. Discover the five flavours apricot, raspberry, rosehip, strawberry and sour cherry.

Strawberry fruit spread, 50 % less sugar

A breakfast without strawberry fruit spread? Of course it is possible, but for many people it is unimaginable. Because the fruit spread of juicy sweet strawberries simply tastes too good. Our strawberry fruit spread with 50% less sugar* is sweetened only with apple sweetener, making it the perfect alternative for those who want it fruity but not too sweet.

* 50% less sugar compared to a strawberry jam with a sugar content of 54g/100g.  



60% strawberries, apple extract, elderberry juice, lemon juice concentrate, gelling agent pectin

Filling weight: 200 g


100 g contain on average
energy value 524 kj /
124 kcal
fat < 0,5 g
saturated fatty acids 0,4 g
carbohydrates 27,0 g
Thereof sugar 26,0 g
protein 0,8 g
salt 0,05 g
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