Organic fruit Spread Rosehip

55 % fruit content – in Franconia we call it ‘Hiffenmark’

Delicate and creamy, subtly tangy – and so unbelievably fruity. The secret of the heavenly intense taste of rosehip is hidden in its originality. It has remained a wild fruit to this day, collected in age-old tradition from hedges. It was a vitamin bomb on our ancestors’ breakfast tables, which made the sun come out even when it was raining. Home-grown, natural and strong in character. Even then, people knew what really was good for them. 


Recommendations for enjoyment and details:
• the spread that has established Maintal’s exquisite reputation
• so traditional that this fruit spread has a special name in many regions: Hiffenmark, Hägenmark, Hiftenmark, Hippenmark and, in Switzerland, Buttenmost
• contains 55% Organic rosehip: the fruit from the rose hedge
• makes muesli and yoghurt divinely fruity
• this classic doughnut filling gives cakes, tarts and baking a pleasantly tangy freshness
• good in fruit glazes, fruit sauces and an almost forgotten delicacy these days: fruit soup
• a fruity Organic delight from certified farmers
• vegan



Ingredients :

55% Rosehip*, sugar*, lemon juice concentrate* (acidifier), gelling agent pectin
*only from controlled organic agriculture

Filling weight: 225 g


100 g contain on average :
energy value 936 kJ / 221 kcal
fat < 0,5 g
saturated fatty acids < 0,1 g
carbohydrates 51,0 g
Thereof sugar 51,0 g
protein 1,4 g
salt 0,05 g

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