Organic is close to our hearts


With the “Maintal Bio” and “Annes Feinste” product lines, we have been offering an extensive organic range since 2000. It was a logical step for us, because organic produce and the preservation of resources are important concerns for more and more people.




Organic - the best from nature

Organic farming is an important factor in the food choices of more and more people. We therefore also offer our delicious spreads as highest-quality organic products. That means: no chemical pesticides, no chemical-synthetic fertilisers, no genetic engineering and no artificial additives. It also means: protection of our natural resources and a whole lot of natural taste.


For a food to be classified as organic, all its ingredients must come from organic production, unless organic production does not exist for them, as is the case for salt, water or pectin, for example. Before the Bio (organic) seal is awarded, everything in the chain is checked, from organic produce and certified fruit merchants through to arrival in the store. As a result, the customer can be absolutely certain that the quality has been stringently tested.


As a provider of organic products, we are subject to the “EU Eco” regulation and take part in regular checking processes. The inspection body responsible for Maintal Konfitüren is Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH, in accordance with the EU regulation on organically grown agricultural products and foodstuffs 2092/91, code no. DE-ÖKO-001-inspection body. Only companies that meet the requirements of the EU Eco regulation and have this verified accordingly are allowed to use the Bio seal. Use of the seal is monitored by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. For more information about this and about organic foodstuffs in Germany. 


Since 2000, Maintal Konfitüren has been offering an extensive organic range. Maintal Bio for the food retail market, and the “Annes Feinste” brand for specialist organic food shops.





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