Rosehip Cookies

Ingredients ()

3 white of egg
250 g sugar
250 g almonds
Peel of 1 lemon, untreated
3 table spoons Rosehip Preserve Extra



1. Whisk the white of egg to snow, stir in the sugar so long until you have received a firm and thick mass. Grind the almonds and fold them under the white off egg together with the grated lemon peel. Put approximately three table spoons of the mass in a cup.


2. Mix with Rosehip Preserve and put it aside. Place the rest of the almond-egg white-dough with the help of a spoon on paper-thin wafers and cut the cookies lengthwise with a sharp knife. Fill the rosehip mass with a tea spoon in the macaroons and let the whole thing steep for about an hour. Afterwards bake the cookies in the preheated baking oven at 150°C for approximately 15 minutes.


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